The “Sucky” Joys of Being a Pumping Momma {A Guest Post}

I was super excited when I was contacted to review two books in a newly-released “Baby Oh Baby” book series. The books are written Y.N. Farkas, highlighting the many joys and challenges of life as a working mom. Follow these parents as they deal with many humorous and sometimes embarrassing moments of parenthood – from dad’s entire day on his own the kids in “It’s Daddy’s Day,” to the giggles, spills, and literally “sucky” life of a pumping mom in “The Places I’ve Pumped.”

These books are great. Really. The pictures are great. The words just flow off the tongue. And yes, I giggled. I felt part of the story. I could feel the Dad’s exhaustion and frustration. I could sense the mother’s dedication to her child. Probably the best part? I could definitely relate. And I’m sure you can too!

Here’s what Farkas has to say about her book, “The Places I’ve Pumped.”

By the time my third baby was born, I had every excuse not to nurse. With two other children to care for, a house that has yet to clean itself, and a high pressured job to stay on top of, everyone would have understood if I decided to go the formula route. Perhaps it’s even what everyone expected. Yet, when I gave birth to my first baby seven years ago – before I had a career, a house, and cute little toddlers in need of constant love and attention – my soul decision was to breastfeed, and to leave the perfectly packaged (and expensive!) formula containers on the neatly lined shelves I regularly passed at supermarkets and drug stores.

Many aspects of my life have dramatically changed since that glorious night when I first became a mom seven years ago, yet my inner voice telling me to nurse has not. Baby number three has forced me to learn a new skill. Juggling!  And it’s been a most beautiful act. She’s now a year and a half year old, and still lovingly sucking away.

I’ll never forget when I went into the hospital to give birth to my youngest baby Saphire, and faced the formula cult of nurses who tried to persuade me through guilt and pressure to feed my precious nine and half pound baby formula. ‘Your baby is too big, and your breast milk won’t satiate her,’ they told me, while looking at my totally content, happy, perfect little angel. ‘Listen people,’ I remember saying to the five nurses that stood by my bedside, ‘my body naturally birthed this nine and a half pound princess, and it can sustain her as well.’ With huffs and puffs, they stormed off (after leaving a bottle of formula by my bedside ‘just in case’) and with patience, perseverance, and love, I nursed.

Admittedly, nursing in the hospital with no kids, housework, or emails to answer is significantly easier to manage than nursing in ‘real life’, yet where there is will, there’s a way. For the past year and half my breast pump has taken the role of a reliable friend, colleague, and savior. Yet I anxiously await the mornings, evenings, and nights (well, not so much the nights) when I have the privilege of nursing my baby girl. Despite the successes at work and personal accomplishments that I’m proud of outside of my family, being close to my children are moments I treasure most. My children and husband are my soul; my work is a passion.

Extended breastfeeding has truly been an amazing experience for me. When I come home from work tired and worn, after pumping in weirder places then non-pumping mommas can imagine, having my one and a half year old daughter climb onto my lap, lift up my shirt, and in the cutest voice in the world say ‘nus, nus’ fills me with the new energy that I need. With our eyes connecting, bodies uniting, and loving energies dancing, I wouldn’t change my decision to nurse –despite the inconveniences – for the world.          `

For me, a mom of three that juggles breastfeeding, natural parenting, wife-ing, working, and pumping, it truly is the ‘sucky’ life I have always dreamed of.

About the author:

In addition to her “mom” duties to three cuties under the age of seven, Farkas is the senior vice president of a large non-profit. She relies on her awesome sidekick husband of eight years to help her juggle it all, and has gained enormous respect and awe for single mothers (she often wonders, how the heck do they do it?!?). She considers her greatest feat naturally delivering a 9 ½ pound baby. She has (somewhat hesitantly) chosen the path of breastfeeding, co-sleeping, snuggling, and working 10-hour workdays. She feels blessed to have the best of both worlds, and relies on her Jewish faith to keep her strong and going. Farkas’ hobbies consist of doing the laundry, mopping the floor, changing dirty diapers, and cooking healthy meals for her family. She plans on practicing yoga and planting a garden upon retirement.


Adelina Madelina Diaper Bag Review

Have you heard of Adelina Madelina? They recently made their debut onto the mom scene with stylish diaper bags. Adelina Madelina diaper bags are perfect for those moms who don’t want to sacrifice style because of being a mother. Due to their stylish prints and functional design, I can see these stylish diaper bags headed to the top of every mom’s list.

I was sent the Here to There tote in Storm Cloud/Lime.

It has three carrying options, including stress-free stroller clips, and pockets a plenty, you can take this tote anywhere you need to go. It has a very spacious interior with 1 small zippered pocket, two smaller open pockets and one larger pocket with Velcro closure. There is plenty of room cloth diapers for Em and a change of clothes for Kolt. I mostly use the 2 shoulder-carry straps but there is removable, adjustable cross-body strap that allows for versatility. Cushioned changing pad and branded wipes case are added bonuses. One of my favorite features is the easy-to-clean exterior.

Adelina Madelina diaper bags range in price from $74.99 – $89.99 (MSRP). You can find Adelina Madelina bags online at

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